Rahul Sarin

Mr. Rahul Sarin, aged 69 years, a civil servant with a distinguished record of public service of over thirty five years, retired as Secretary to Government of India. This experience was buttressed by five years of judicial experience after superannuation as Member, Competition Appellate Tribunal and Airport Economic Regulatory Authority Appellate Tribunal. His diverse experience of field level assignments and top management positions in State and Central Government, Public Sector, together with a foreign assignment and exposure of working with international organisations has given him an invaluable insight. From his experience he has gained a clear vision of the intricacies and challenges of public decision making and the dynamics of the policy space of socio-economic transformation. He has also been at the forefront of the two evolving regimes of economic regulation in their very first five years of their inception in 2009. While it is imperative that economic regulation be subject to judicial review based on the overarching principles of legality, fairness, reasonability and the integrity of the judicial process, at the same time it is essential to recognize the perils of over enforcement leading to chilling effects on the economy.

Mr. Sarin has published two books: Development Perspectives in 2016 and China's Agriculture and Political Economy in 2017.