Our DNA- Reliance Capital


Helping us create our vision is a simple set of six values that form our DNA, and are taking us towards being one of the most sought-after employers in India.

Entrepreneurial mindset

  1. Builds ownership for visionary growth and profitability.
  2. Drives exponential growth to achieve milestones.
  3. Has a vision for tomorrow and is impatient for growth.

Ownership and commitment

  1. Strongest together, committed to organization’s vision.
  2. Holds self accountable and responsible for own decisions, actions, and results.
  3. Goes the extra mile and inspires others to do so.

Speed and execution

  1. Speed in thought and action to enable state-of-the-art execution of ideas.
  2. Always demonstrates high level of responsiveness.
  3. Innovates for speedy actions, inspires people with "can do" attitude, delivers high-quality results in record time, and honors decisions.


  1. The primary principle that guides our behavior in the organization.
  2. Displays highest level of integrity in dealing with internal and external contacts.
  3. Internalizes and communicates importance of integrity in business dealings.

Respect and dignity

  1. Cares for people and values human dignity.
  2. Fosters a culture of teamwork by providing / creating opportunities for working together.
  3. Nurtures people to grow and deliver to the best of their ability.

Pride and passion

  1. Emotions that bond us and drive excellence.
  2. Inspires pride at work and passion for excellence in team members.
  3. Encourages others to challenge the status-quo, inspires people to think bigger and better.