An Energising, Transformational Culture

An Energising, Transformational Culture

The culture at Reliance Capital is warm and vibrant, which encourages each employee to realise their potential. We have a culture which provides an opportunity to learn, innovate, execute and excel.We not only believe, but practice meritocracy and aggressively reward performance. A one word summary of our culture, inspired by our Founder Chairman and enshrined in our DNA, would be "Entrepreneurial". It is an open, inclusive culture which encourages creativity, ambitious thinking, transformational ideas and respect for unique perspectives.


We are an organisation of entrepreneurs, who think beyond the obvious and set the culture that encourages breakthrough success. Thus, at Reliance Capital, teams are led rather than managed; that is to say, while the organizational vision and strategy is set by a senior leadership team, there are leaders throughout the organization – whether or not they are in formal leadership roles.

The Leadership at Reliance Capital comprises of young, dynamic professionals with a wealth of expertise between them. They are all “open-door” leaders, accessible and communicative, who reinforce and drive Reliance Capital’s Vision & DNA down the line, and inspire their teams to always look at out-of-the-box solutions and excellence in all their actions.

Team Work

At Reliance Capital, team work is a way of life. We believe that working together helps us deliver superior performance far beyond individual potential. At the same time, every member of the team gets space and opportunity to showcase their contribution.

We provide the necessary framework and technology platforms to enable individuals and teams to enhance collaboration and performance delivery.

We Care

Reliance Capital has an industry leading benefits and employee care programme defined by a simple phrase - "We Care". It is based on the premise that our employees are our most valuable assets. Our "We Care" initiatives are designed not only for our employees but also for their families.

Our benefits programme comprises of traditional and innovative initiatives in the areas of employee wellness, healthcare, insurance, home ownership,car lease, a flexible pay package, etc.

Our Employee Engagement initiatives have taken us towards the top quartile of employers in India, as per the AON Hewitt Best Employers' Survey. Engagement best practices across Reliance Capital are customized to meet business needs such as geographical spread and the nature of workforce.They include annual holiday packages, regular team-building off sites, frequent two way chats with top management through town halls and webcasts, appreciation weeks, sports tournaments, clubs and contests encouraging hobbies such as photography, etc. Annual engagement calendars are prepared at all our businesses, listing the activities that would be carried out across our offices.


With over 18200 employees present in over 1300 towns across the length and breadth of the country, Reliance Capital boasts of a workforce as diverse as India itself. Female employees comprise 26% of our employee base and it is our endeavour to continuously enhance female representation in our workforce.We also have various forums such as “Diva” and “Pankh” across our businesses, which provide female employees an opportunity to come together to discuss and initiate interventions important for providing conducive work environment for female employees.

At Reliance Capital, we recognise and value the diversity of our people, their perspectives and experiences. We foster a completely inclusive working environment for all employees. This commitment tobeing a diverse and inclusive organisation, also enables us to serve over 20 million direct customers across differences in gender, caste, creed, age, background,income, sexual orientation, marital status, physical ability and nationality.