Organ Donation - Pledge to donate your organs and save lives

Organ Donation Day
It is estimated that 90% of patients waiting to receive an organ die without getting one.

Kidney transplants are the most common and even here only 1 out of 30 patients receives one.

What is galling is that the second most populous country in the world has a donation rate of only 0.26 per million people. To put in real terms, only 1 person out of 40 lakh people chooses to donate her or his organs after they pass on.

The Times of India Reports indicate that in 2013 which has been considered as one of the best years for organ transplantation, only 852 transplants took place in the country.

If One person out of every 1 million opts to donate his or her organs, nearly all of India’s organ requirements would be solved.

In fact if more people sign up and the numbers increase beyond 2 per million, no one will be required to make a live kidney donation. On a plus side, Indians can then start saving the rest of the world.

We urge our fellow citizens to sign up for this noble cause. Each of us can save 8 lives after we pass on. And we believe that is the best legacy any of us can leave behind.
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