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Reliance Equity Advisors, wholly owned by Reliance Capital Limited is the Investment Manager of the Reliance Alternative Investments Fund - Private Equity Scheme I (a private equity fund). The objective of the fund is to raise third party funds and make portfolio investments.

The fund was launched with the aim of making investments into sunrise industries in India, offering an opportunity to participate in the growth of one of the world's fastest growing economies. Reliance Equity Advisors will focus on a range of investment opportunities across growth and consolidation capital, minority investment, buy-in / buy-out and acquisition financing in India.

Reliance Equity Advisors has a professional team with substantial Private Equity and M&A experience, and has evaluated several investment themes before selecting; the approach it believes will generate the highest upside in a fast growing economy.

To know more about Reliance Equity Advisors, click here: http://www.reliancepe.com